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About Us

Our Approach

At DecentLiving, we know the power of simplicity, connecting our customers with contemporary minimalist home and office products that combine utility with beautiful design and expert craftsmanship.

Crafted from only the highest quality sustainable materials, our products are both smart and functional, bringing a touch of class to any space.

Our Vision


We believe that less is more. Our clean and simple designs and products speak for themselves.


We believe that the best furniture and accessories create synchronicity, seamlessly blending with each other and their environment.


We believe sustainability is a fundamental requirement for quality. Our products are ethically sourced and built to last.

Our Products

Based in Toronto, Canada, we have deep roots in product design and development. Our products combine expert design with high-quality materials, creating furniture and accessories that we know our customers will treasure.

We create our designs at our Toronto studio, and we also bring in award-winning products from designers all over the world.

We work with a select group of manufacturers who share our vision and ethos, crafting our products with the greatest care, using only high quality materials sourced in Canada (Canadian Maple), the United States (US Walnut), and Germany (German Beech).

By combining the globe for the highest quality resources, and combining them with expertise and craftsmanship, we can offer our customers minimalist-inspired products that exude class and sophistication.

Our Philosophy

  • Simple
  • Minimalist
  • Sustainable
  • Long-Lasting

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