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Solid natural wood product considerations

Solid natural wood product considerations:

Just as every tree is unique, so is the solid wooden desktop and it comes with itsown characters from its natural growing environment and conditions. Each desk features unique wood grain, knots on desk top surface, butt joints, color variation, or distress marks. We make sure all the holes on top of the work surface filled with epoxy as necessary to make it even. However, you may find some small cracks and holes at the bottom time to time as we prefer keep the wood in its natural condition as much as possible.

Your room temperature and humidity are two critical factors for your investment. A constant ideally temperature between 18 and 22 ° C  and humidity level between 45 and 55% are the best for the solid wood furniture piece like your desktop. Avoid the long time exposed to strong directly sunshine is other key to keep its beauty.  Just treat it as the other solid furniture piece at home and it will serve you many years joy!

Basic Assembly Need:

In order to keep delivery costs low for our customers and help to eliminate shipping damage, desk will be delivered unassembled and in protective boxes. The desk will arrive with directions as well as all hardware needed for assembly.

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